ASEAN-India Science & Technology Cooperation Grants

Deadline: 1st October, 2019

Applications are now open for ASEAN-India Science & Technology Cooperation program.


The main objectives of ASEAN-India Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation are based on following principles:

Encourage and promote cooperation in science, technology and innovation, including through joint research activity, and development on cross-sectoral areas such as health, communicable and emerging infectious diseases, environmental management, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, agricultural technologies, alternative energy, biodiversity, food processing, advanced materials for development of value-added products, and space technology and applications;

Encourage and promote cooperation in biotechnology including through capacity building and joint research and development for mutual benefit;

Undertake activities and develop program / projects under the ASEAN-India Science and Technology Development Fund

Program Goals: To intensify interaction and scientific cooperation between Indian and ASEAN scientists / institutions; To connect existing but separately funded research projects in India and ASEAN MS; To enhance academic training and development of young scholars.

Funding Information: Generally, the funds shall be provided to support mobility of researchers from India to partnering ASEAN MS and vice versa.However, some incremental funding ie salary for scientific manpower (One JRF/SRF/RA/Post-doc etc), accessories and minor component, add-ons to existing equipment (up to Rs. 0.5 Million INR); chemicals and consumables (up to Rs 0.3 Million per year) shall be supported to Indian lead project Investigator.

Benefits: International airfare by lowest economy class from place of work in sending country to the place of work in receiving country including visa fees, overseas medical insurance, domestic travel related to international travel etc. The living expenses (local hospitality) for staying in respective visiting country (India to partnering ASEAN MS and vice versa) shall be supported as below- Rs. 6,000/- per day (all inclusive) for senior researcher (ph.d degree holders and in regular positions at respective Institute/University etc)Rs. 5,000/- per day (all inclusive) for junior researcher (ph.d students and post docs)

Eligibility Criteria: Scientists with an appointment as a faculty member at an eligible Indian/ASEAN MS institution can apply as Principal Investigator (PI). The appointment of the PI must last at least until the end of the project. Additionally to project may include at least one PhD student or postdoctoral scientist on each side. The total number of participants on each side should not exceed two

Eligible institutions in India: Universities, Publicly Funded Research Institutes and Labs and educational /academic Research Institutes.

Eligible institutions in ASEAN MS: All Research Institutions, Universities, other Research and Academic Institutions which are eligible to receive funding through ASEAN are eligible for receiving funding under AISTDF.

How to Apply: Applications must be submitted via postal mail at the address given on the website.

Apply by 1st October. For more information and application details, see ASEAN-India Science & Technology Cooperation Grants

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